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Inositol is one of the B vitamins, is the synthesis of inositol phospholipids, membrane phospholipids, sphingolipids and other precursor substances, necessary for the growth of a variety of human cells, the daily intake of human body is 300 ~ 1000 mg, the level of inositol in newborn and fetal serum is several times higher than that of adults, the content of inositol in breast milk is also high, indicating that inositol plays an important role in early human development. GB14880-2012 "Health Standards for the use of food nutrition supplements" stipulates: The added amount of inositol in the mixed milk powder (milk powder for children only) is 210 mg/kg ~ 250 mg/kg, fruit and vegetable juice (meat) drinks (including fermented products, etc.) 60 mg/kg ~ 120 mg/kg, and flavored drinks 60 mg/kg ~ 120 g/kg.



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