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Application of inositol in aquatic animal production: Studies have shown that too low or too high inositol content in feed will lead to different degrees of intestinal and liver lesions of salmon, slow growth, fish wasting, and increased feed coefficient. The recommended dosage of inositol as a feed additive in the European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) is 350-500mg/kg (0.035% ~ 0.05%) in salmon feed, 300-500mg/kg (0.03% ~ 0.05%) in carp feed and 200-500mg/kg (0.02% ~ 0.05%) in prawn feed.

Application of inositol in poultry production: The European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) recommends that a maximum of 1000mg/kg (0.1%) of inositol be added to the feed of laying hens. To prevent the sudden death of laying hens caused by fatty liver.

The application of inositol in ruminant production: Inositol can regulate the metabolism of animals, promote the synthesis and secretion of milk, so it can improve the milk production of cattle and sheep. The study showed that adding 0.2g/d to the feed of Holstein dairy cows and Sinon Sarnen dairy goats increased milk production by 3.76 kg/d compared to the control group.

The application of inositol in the production of fur animals: Hair follicle is a kind of skin accessory structure with relatively complex morphology and structure, which periodically controls the growth of hair and determines the quality and yield of animal hair. Studies have shown that adding 75 mg/kg inositol to the diet of growing Rex rabbits can significantly promote the growth and development of hair follicles and make fur thick and bright.


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