Inositol overview and main production technology
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Inositol overview and main production technology


Inositol Overview: Inositol is cyclohexanol, inositol widely exists in a variety of natural animal, plant and microbial tissues, because it was originally extracted from muscle tissue, so named inositol, is an indispensable low molecular organic matter for human and animal to maintain normal physiological functions. It exists widely in various biological tissues in free or combined state. Inositol is usually classified as a B vitamin. Inositol has a history of more than 100 years since its discovery, and it has a wide range of uses. Its functions are still being discovered and its application scope is constantly expanding.


Main production technology route:

1, chemical method: corn soaking water extraction phytic acid and then hydrolysis, which is the main production process, the main problem is the extraction rate is low (about 3 ‰), hydrolysis of phosphoric acid caused by corrosion equipment and environmental pollution.

2, enzymatic method: starch as a substrate, enzymatic synthesis of inositol, high conversion rate, good product quality, fully meet the industry's most stringent quality standards, basically overcome the deficiencies of phytic acid hydrolysis method.

Plant growth regulator: The application of inositol can improve the ability of rice and corn seedlings to withstand low temperature stress, reduce the impact of "cold spring" on the growth of crop seedlings, and increase the yield per mu.


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