Notice on the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council issuing the National Standardization Development Program
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Notice on the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council issuing the National Standardization Development Program


The State Council issued the National Standardization Development Outline (the "Development Outline") on October 10, 2021. The Outline for Development calls for the following priorities:

1. Strengthen standard research in key technical fields. Conduct standardization research in artificial intelligence, quantum information, biotechnology and other fields. Simultaneous deployment of technology research and development, standard development and industrial promotion in technology fields with broad application prospects, such as the integration of the two technologies, next-generation information technology, big data, blockchain, health, new energy, and new materials. We will formulate and improve technical safety standards in biomedical research, molecular breeding, unmanned driving and other fields in a timely manner.

2. Promote industrial optimization and upgrading. We will promote standardization and branding of the service industry, improve standards for the service industry, and focus on strengthening standardization in areas such as food cold chain, modern logistics, e-commerce, article coding, wholesale and retail, and real estate services.

3. Lead the rapid and healthy development of new products, new business forms and new models. We will accelerate the improvement of relevant standards for smart transformation in food, medical care, emergency response, transportation, water conservancy, energy, and finance.

4. Continuously improve standards for ecosystem construction and protection. We will continue to improve the quality of the ecological environment and the standards for managing ecological environmental risks, and continue to improve the quality of the ecological environment. We will further improve standards for pollution prevention and control, improve standards for pollutant discharge, supervision and prevention, and secure the bottom line for pollution discharge control.

5. Strengthen the standardization of public safety. We will improve standards for public security, criminal law enforcement, counter-terrorism response, transportation, work safety, emergency management, and disaster prevention, and strengthen safety nets for food, medicine, pesticides, food, energy, water resources, biology, material storage, product quality, special equipment, labor protection, fire fighting, mining, construction, and Internet. We will strengthen data sharing standards for major projects and all types of infrastructure to improve the safety of people's lives and property.


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