What is the role and function of inositol?
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What is the role and function of inositol?


What is the role and function of inositol?

Inositol, commonly known as vitamin B8, is a lipophilic water-soluble substance that can help reduce cholesterol and promote cell metabolism. Let's understand the role and function of inositol.

1 Prevent fatty liver

Inositol can speed up the metabolic process of cells in the body, has the effect of emulsifying fat, and helps metabolize fat and cholesterol. Therefore, there is a dispersion and exclusion of fat, fat is not accumulated in the liver, it is not easy to appear fatty liver.

2 Lowering blood and lipid

Inositol is an indispensable component of the human body, which combines with choline to form lecithin, thus promoting fat and cholesterol metabolism. It is helpful to improve hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and reduce serum lipids.

3 Prevent Hair Loss

Inositol promotes the health of cell membranes, especially in the eyes, intestines, brain and bone marrow cells. Recent studies have shown that men who take extra inositol daily experience less hair loss.

4. Increase pregnancy rate

The main function of myositol is to enhance the uptake of glucose by cells. The function of D-inositol is mainly to promote the synthesis of liver sugar. The proportion of muscle inositol to D-inositol varies considerably in the cells of different organ tissues. Taking ovarian tissue as an example, muscle inositol and D-inositol exist in a ratio of 40:1; By activating calcium channels in ovarian cells, myositol makes the egg in meiosis more mature and improves the fertilization rate. Clinical studies have found that myositol can improve the quality of eggs and embryos, and reduce the use of follicle-stimulating hormone during artificial insemination in vitro fertilization to improve the success rate of IVF.


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